Telia CallGuide

Telia CallGuide

Telia CallGuide is a flexible contact center solution designed to be connected to different types of switchboards. The development started in 1997 with a team of systems engineers from UDAC and telecom operator Telia. Every day millions of phone calls, emails and chats are handled by Telia CallGuide.

By using CallGuide as a service hundreds of companies, authorities and organizations in Northern Europe take care of the communication with their customers or citizens. Telia CallGuide was created 1997 in Uppsala and the development has continued over the years adding innovative technology to serve business critical usage. One of the guiding principles in the development has been, and still is, creating smart user interfaces to support an effective and simple way to work. 

In order to handle big volumes of contacts in a fast way and with high quality, powerful technology is needed together with graphical user interfaces with appropriate design. Stability and security is a necessity for business, and society, critical functions. Telia CallGuide makes it easy to handle customer contacts through a variety of channels: telephone, e-mail chat, fax, social media, sms and more.

No matter what channel is used, the customer contact is being queued and routed to personnel (agent) with the needed competence in order to take care of the errand. By using statistical data, workforce management and data mining tools, managers are able to lead, plan and follow up the customer service center. Intuitive graphical interfaces makes it easy to survey the queue situation and manning (i.e. agents logged in) in real-time.

The first versions of CallGuide used the classical technology to let the customer choose their errand by touchtone when calling the system. Nowadays the customer is offered to use “free speech” to tell the CallGuide system what they have in mind, and the system will connect the customer to the best agent to meet the customer’s needs. Another innovative area is related to identification. Traditionally PIN codes have been used but the latest technology is voice biometrics where the voice is used as a unique voiceprint with very high accuracy. Phone calls, together with sms and e-mail, have represented the vast majority of customer contacts.

Recent years they have been challenged by chat, social media, webb and apps in smart phones as the new way of getting in contact with a company or authority. In 1997 a small team started the development of CallGuide in Uppsala. The team consisted of systems engineers recruited from Uppsala University, UDAC and telecom operator Telia. The development has always been guided by a very close contact with the users in order to make sure that the user experience is excellent and business value is as high as possible.

Today the product development is still in Uppsala, but the team has grown to be around thirty developers and IT architects. In addition to these, more than hundred project managers and systems integrators are involved in CallGuide deliveries to customers as well as supporting them after the installation. Today the product has a turnover of more than 50 million US dollars. For more information, please visit the product site: